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Why are you selling trading robots, if they really make money?
- Yes, all the robots we sell trade on our real accounts and bring profit, but it doesn’t stop us from wanting to earn even more! We receive profit from the trading, selling the robots and partnership with brokerages. Urge to earn more is just a human nature, we hope that many of you realize that.

- Can i get a demo version of a robot?
- We don’t do demo versions. If you want to check how a robot traders, request the Investor password from our real account and watch.

- Will the robot be able to trade if I switch off my computer?
- MT4 must be launched for the robot to be able to trade, therefore, your computer must be switched on. If you don’t have the ability to keep the computer switched on at all times, use VPS(Virtual Private Server).

- Can a robot "lose" my deposit?
- There are no trading strategies that allow receiving profit on any market. Our robots are close to perfect, however, don’t forget that one should avoid trading while important news are being released – it will help you to minimize your losses. We always shut down our robots before the news release and, thanks to that our trading has been successful for around a year now.

- I failed to launch the robot, what should I do?
- If you have any troubles with the installation process, please review the instructions one more time or add us in Skype (Jet-Fund) and we do our best to assist you.

More questions?
- Ask us now!



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Trading on financial markets involves a high level of risk. Sub-funds can both increase and decrease, and investors may lose all of your investment. The company Jet Fund under no circumstances be liable to the person or entity for any loss or damage in whole or in part caused by, resulting from, or relating to any transactions related to trade in financial markets.

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