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Descripion of Trading Robot STEALTH

Innovative technologies of market analysis and forecasting of price movement allowed us to create a trading robot STEALTH, that can earn in any market condition!

At the heart of the Robot STEALTH is a quantum approach to the analysis of price movement and intelligent transaction management system, all this allows us to call it a masterpiece of algorithmic trading.

To use STEALTH robot needed:

  • asset GBPUSD
  • timeframe М1
  • leverage 1:500
  • min. deposit  $1000

Profitability of of the robot varies from 60 to 100% in a month, the drawdown is not more than 46%, STEALTH makes up to 1500 transactions per month and earns on any market condition every day. Recommended  deposit is $3000 for more safe trading.

*It is undesirable to use a robot to trade on news or with increased volatility of the market, such trading can be risky!

STEALTH robot specifications



Min. deposit




The price





1-2 month

How to start earning with the robot

make a request to buy robot

enter your name, an e-mail, your atading account deposit and you broker name

pay your

you will receive an e-mail with possible easy ways to purchase the robot

install and run the robot

after purchasing you will get your robot and an instruction to install it and start earning

order your robot now
and get:

- robot that really earns
- robot protected against hacking and tied only to your account
- free robots updating
- individual settings according to your requests

account number, deposit, broker name



skype: jet-fund

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